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The highly recommended training program ‘Kom in je Kracht’ is now available in English!

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Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, experience personal growth, and take control of your life once again? Then our training program ‘Personal Empowerment’ is the perfect choice for you!

The ‘Personal Empowerment’ program is suitable for you if you’re facing challenges both professionally and/or personally, and you’re unsure how to address them. You’ve tried all the tips, attended courses, but nothing seems to work. Each time, there’s that wall with the same questions: what now? Why is this happening to me? Why is my self-confidence and self-
worth so vulnerable?

20 september 2023
"Great training to break with your old habits and energetically imbed new ones. I give this training a 10/10!"
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Personal growth starts at the end of your comfort zone..

Program experience
This training pulls you out of your comfort zone and replaces barriers with growth and control. From the first minute, your personal leadership journey begins. This training takes on dynamic forms and shakes you out of that stagnant situation.
Personal empowerment refers to the process of gaining control and confidence over one’s own life, making choices, and taking action to fulfill one’s potential. Through an intense and comprehensive process, you gradually replace the habits with which you have learned to survive, with strength, openness and authenticity. Our trainer sees through excuses, mirrors your emotions, and touches the deepest part of your soul… gently, penetratingly, and sustainably. All, for profound change.

Program details
The ‘Personal Empowerment’ program begins with an online questionnaire and a telephoneintake session, followed by three training days scheduled at intervals of two to three weeks. Over these three days, you’ll receive a solid theoretical foundation from different psychological theories and the methodology of Transactional Analysis. But more importantly, you’ll discover how to practically apply these theories in your everyday life, empowering you to enact real change and growth within yourself.

Building lasting solutions to your challenges

Our approach to learning
All exercises and activities are tailored to your personal learning question and goals. They are followed by action points to practice over the following period and will be evaluated in the next session. By repeating the steps ‘learning question-theory-practice-reflection’ continuously, you learn new behavior. This way, your Journey of self has a lasting effect.
For this training, we use blended learning: a combination of classroom and online learning. We utilize the learning platform: aNewSpring. There you will find, among other things, homework assignments, theory/models, tips, and experiences. Participants can engage in online discussions with the trainer and learn from each other’s experiences and processes.

Group composition
You’ll participate in this training within a small group of up to ten participants. This ensures ample room for personal attention and working on your learning goals. All participants come from different backgrounds, face different challenges, and hold various positions, providing a rich environment for mutual learning.


After completing this training, your confidence has grown, and you realize that openness empowers you. You feel organized and approach life with more motivation and energy.
– You understand the factors that hinder you from being your authentic self and doing what
you aspire to do.
– You can step out of your comfort zone, expressing yourself confidently without fear.
– You can integrate your feelings into your way of connecting with others. You feel clear-minded from within.

De volgende onderwerpen worden behandeld

  • Your behavior and thought patterns in interaction with your environment and how to achieve improvement in this area;
  • The methodology of Transactional Analysis;
  • The use of excuses, drivers, and defense mechanisms;
  • The power of connection
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2 september 2024 tot 21 october 2024

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  • 2 september 2024 09:30 tot 17:00
  • 30 september 2024 09:30 tot 17:00
  • 21 oktober 2024 09:30 tot 17:00
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